Exploring Attitudes on the Issues of Sex Positive Therapy and Surrogate Partner Therapy Referral and Execution by Licensed Clinical Mental Health Professionals


This study explores the attitudes and opinions of licensed clinical mental health care professionals when asked about sex-positive therapy and surrogate partner therapy. The sample included 10 mental health care professionals with various advanced education degrees. The participants completed a 15-question questionnaire that provided data regarding demographics, opinions of sex-positive therapy, surrogate partner therapy, ethics, law and the application of the modalities in practice. The findings revealed the majority (80%) of the respondents expressed concern over judgment, lack of knowledge, and stigma and shame surrounding the attitudes of sex therapy and surrogate partner therapy within the United States. The findings also revealed recognition of the need and efficacy of implementing sex-positive therapy and surrogate partner therapy for appropriate clients in need by properly trained clinical mental health care providers.

Damon Holzum Thesis published Attitudes on SPT

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